Comprehensive and Personalized Orthopedic Care

East Central Kentucky’s leader in orthopedic service since 2002, we are dedicated to helping our patients live life fully. We understand that musculoskeletal problems hurt and can inhibit activities of daily living. Our board-certified physicians and highly trained staff are here to help. Providing comprehensive and personalized orthopedic and orthopedic spine care, we work to minimize pain, accelerate recovery and restore function. Click here to learn more about our orthopedic spine services.

With two convenient locations in Winchester and Richmond, both of our offices are full service, state-of-the-art facilities with comfortable waiting rooms, fully equipped digital X-ray suites, and Open MRI and physical therapy facilities.

We Specialize In:

  • Hand and Wrist
  • Arthritis
  • Arthroscopic Surgery
  • Foot and Ankle
  • General Orthopedics
  • Hip
  • Knee
  • Neck
  • Spine and Back
  • Shoulder and Elbow
  • Sports Medicine
  • Total Joint Reconstruction and Joint Replacement

Orthopedic Specialty Procedures

We take pride in providing patients with state-of-art orthopedic care using the latest techniques and treatments. For instance, in many cases where surgical intervention is required, the latest minimally invasive procedures can be used to reduce pain and recovery times.

All-Inside ACL Reconstruction

For patients requiring ACL reconstruction or repair, where appropriate, our physicians use a minimally invasive surgical procedure commonly referred to as “All-Inside ACL Reconstruction.” With this revolutionary technique, ACL surgery is performed through just three small puncture-type incisions. Consequently, patients suffering from ACL injury often experience less initial pain, swelling and bleeding due to the use of smaller incisions and less manipulation of the tibia or “shin” bone. This usually means less pain medication, easier early rehabilitation, and a quicker return to activities. Another advantage is the cosmetic benefit of smaller puncture incisions resulting in barely visible scars.


To treat patients suffering from chronic tendon disease – tennis/golfers elbow, plantar fasciitis, runners/jumpers knee, Achilles tendinosis, etc., where appropriate, our physicians use a cutting-edge technology from Tenex Health. Tenex is a minimally invasive procedure, developed in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic. It can be performed with local anesthesia in less than 20 minutes. As a result, our patients get back to normal activities more quickly, without the need for physical therapy.

Recently featured on The Doctors television show, Tenex was successfully used to treat the plantar fasciitis of Lou Ferrigno a/k/a “The Incredible Hulk.”


For patients suffering from chronic knee pain – who cannot obtain relief from non-surgical treatments, where appropriate, our physicians use a minimally invasive surgical procedure called Subchondroplasty®. The Subchondroplasty procedure has been very effective in minimizing patients’ pain and recovery times. It can also help patients avoid reaching the point where total knee replacement would be required.

Click HERE to learn more about why Subchondroplasty may be right for you.

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